Camping Essentials

The tools and gear you definitely want for your best camping experience!

Camp Chairs – All Wisconsin State Parks have a picnic table at all camp sites, but those wooden seats can 1) cause a sore butt, 2) be covered in daddy long legs, 3) be kind of gross after someone else has been there. Yes, they can be cleaned, but chairs are great because they are super portable and great for sitting around the fire. We use our Coleman Chairs, similar to the one below.

Lanterns/Flashlights/Headlamps – When it gets dark and you want to stay up to have a campfire, you’ll still need extra light to see your way around the camp site and the way to the bathroom. For lanterns we have multiple Coleman Northstar lanterns, they hook up directly to a 1lb propane tank and can sit on the ground or picnic table, or hook up to a tree (with the right attachment).

Reliable Coolers – This can be a crap shoot because there are hundreds of coolers out there, cooler reviews, cooler tests, etc. Essentially, you need one extra good cooler for food, and one good cooler for drinks. The food cooler should have multiple, key word is multiple cold packs, no ice. You don’t want your food sitting in water. Your drink cooler and have all the ice it wants. Hence, separate coolers. This make life much, much easier. We have friends with kids that bring a cooler just for the kids with small water bottles, juice boxes, cheese sticks, etc. so their not constantly opening the big food cooler to grab something for the little ones.

Cooking Utensils – Nothing fancy is needed here, granted I’ve been known to bring graters, zesters, etc., but the top musts are:

  1. Wooden Spoon
  2. Spatula
  3. Flipper
  4. Tongs
  5. Aluminum Foil
  6. Paper Towel
  7. Wine Cork/Bottle Opener
  8. Can Opener
  9. Measuring spoons and cups
  10. Sharp knife
  11. Cutting Board

And…food. Unless you’re foraging…which in that case…good luck.

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