Camper Hash – Sally’s Baking Addiction

This is so good, and I mean, so good. It’s a 1 pan meal, but it takes a little time, and I don’t like things cooked in bacon grease (yeah, I’m weird). I prep all of my food before we leave for camping, so I even cook and crumble the bacon ahead of time. We like a little heat so I added 1 small, diced up jalapeño pepper, I also wanted more color so added 1 diced tomato as well. And this is Wisconsin, so we doubled the amount of cheese. If you prep everything and store in baggies in your cooler, it’s super easy to assemble. We also use pre-shredded hash browns from the refrigerator section of the grocery store.

For this you’ll need a big frying pan (14″) with a lid and a spatula. Perfect over your camp stove!

Camper Chilaquiles – Fresh Off the Grid

Holy mother of camping, this was super good. I pre-fried and cut the tortillas at home and then crisped them up at the start of the cooking process. My husband was SUPER hesitant, and he loved this and said he’d eat it again.

For this you’ll need a large frying pan (12-14″) with a lid (if you want sunny side up eggs with runny yolk), a wooden spoon, and a spatula for serving.

Campfire Huevos Ranchero – Today’s Parent

A great “meatless” meal (with egg though) and good hangover food. I got refried canned black beans and the seasoning in this is really good. Good salsa, slices of avocado and the cilantro make this a Mexican party in your mouth to start your day off right!

This meal required a pan, tongs and spatula to cook the tortillas and the eggs, and a pot and spoon for the beans.

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