Anyone else frustrated with booking sites in 2021???

I was SO ready to camp last year, so excited. I was all ready with alerts in my phone calendar to book 11 months in advance, schedule around my in-laws so they could watch the dogs (they are not camping dogs), and make sure I knew EXACTLY what parks and what site we wanted. IContinue reading “Anyone else frustrated with booking sites in 2021???”

Is it my allergies? Nope, it’s the camping itch!

It’s that time of the year! For those of us that don’t have campers that can make it through the Wisconsin winter or like freezing inside of a tent, it’s been too long since we cooked over an open fire and slept under the stars. As for my husband and I, Covid has brought uponContinue reading “Is it my allergies? Nope, it’s the camping itch!”

Peninsula State Park

Link to Wisconsin DNR’s Peninsula State Park Page MosquitoesOk BathroomsNewer WildlifeSome Things to doYes! PowerYes Noise levelLoud Places to GoYes, tons! Cell Service ZERO…none, why? One of Wisconsin’s busiest, most popular state parks, Peninsula State Park carves out over 3,000 acres of Door County real estate conserving land and lake frontage for generations to come.Continue reading “Peninsula State Park”

Paddling Wisconsin Waterways

I’ll admit, when Kyle said he wanted to buy kayaks, I wasn’t too excited. All I could remember was having to play water polo in our high school pool in kayaks, and I kept flipping over. But, I let him. They sat in our garage for months, and the following summer we planned a tripContinue reading “Paddling Wisconsin Waterways”

Lake Kengosa State Park

Link to Wisconsin DNR Lake Kengosa State Park Site MosquitoesNot Bad BathroomsOld style WildlifeVery Little Things to doBeaches PowerYes Noise levelNot bad Places to GoHoChunk, Madison Cell Service Ok (Verizon) We love Lake Kengosa, our first trip was a 4 day trip in 2016, and was Charlie’s first trip. We got there Thursday night, setContinue reading “Lake Kengosa State Park”

The Best Campfire Starter EVER!

I’m sure everyone has their own special way to start a campfire, but this is our preferred, tried and true way. Granted, we have one tool that ALWAYS does the job. Kyle knows I’m a bit of a pyromaniac and every year we typically get each other a “happy camping gift”. Yeah, I know, we’reContinue reading “The Best Campfire Starter EVER!”

Interstate State Park

Link to Wisconsin DNR’s Interstate State Park Site MosquitoesOk BathroomsNewer WildlifeVery Little Things to doYes! PowerYes Noise levelLoud (freeway, trucks enginebraking) Places to GoNot really Cell Service Ok (Verizon) Interstate State Park, Wisconsin’s first state park, AMERICA’s first state park. Yup, this one started it ALL! The scenery is similar to the dells of theContinue reading “Interstate State Park”

Copper Falls State Park

Link to Wisconsin DNR’s Copper Falls State Park Site MosquitoesOk BathroomsNew WildlifeSome Things to doYes! Waterfalls! PowerYes Noise levelGood Places to GoWith a little driving Cell Service Ok (Verizon) I had been wanting to go her for so long. Although my childhood camping experiences were more at private campgrounds, Copper Falls State Park was Kyle’sContinue reading “Copper Falls State Park”