The Best Campfire Starter EVER!

I’m sure everyone has their own special way to start a campfire, but this is our preferred, tried and true way.

Granted, we have one tool that ALWAYS does the job. Kyle knows I’m a bit of a pyromaniac and every year we typically get each other a “happy camping gift”. Yeah, I know, we’re weird, but summer is short in Wisconsin and it should be celebrated. One year he bought a torch attachment for a 1lb gas tank. It is amazing! Check out this similar one below from Amazon.

<br />

My favorite technique is to stack dry kindling, twigs, sticks, etc. in either a log home fashion or in a tepee. Then use larger sticks or smaller logs and tepee those around the sticks. Light the twigs, and bam, fire started. Add larger logs to sustain.

The key to a quick starting fire is dry wood. Key word is DRY. Wet wood, your fire won’t start or will smoke out your campsite and all of the neighboring campsites, and everyone will start to wonder “ok, who doesn’t know how to start a campfire?”

Good luck and enjoy camping!

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