Lake Kengosa State Park

Home of the MDNBF

Link to Wisconsin DNR Lake Kengosa State Park Site

Not Bad
Old style
Very Little
undefinedThings to do
undefinedNoise level
Not bad
undefinedPlaces to Go
undefinedCell Service
Ok (Verizon)

We love Lake Kengosa, our first trip was a 4 day trip in 2016, and was Charlie’s first trip. We got there Thursday night, set up in the rain, and then had 3 gorgeous but hot days. Friday afternoon we were joined by Kyle’s cousin and his family, and we had a great weekend of food, fun and laughter. We went swimming, including Charlie. We haven’t gone camping with them since, and our families have changed a little since then. We now have Charlie and Sadie, and they have another kid!

Since then, Lake Kengosa State Park has become home of the MDNBF’s Camping Weekend. This is the Mothers, Daughters, Nieces and Best Friends’ Camping Weekend. The includes my mother, my sisters, my cousin and her daughter, and my mom’s best friend and her daughter that I was really good friends with growing up. We chose this place because there’s an electric double site close to the bathrooms. My mother is disabled, so it’s a decently short walk for her.

What does an MDNBF weekend call for? Alcohol, no bras, and fun. Lots and lots of fun.

Let’s just say, Lake Kengosa is a nice campground, we are probably more of the nuisance, but we get quiet at 11pm, or try to, and we try not to be too annoying. Honestly, if you’re at Lake Kengosa State Park in early August, you’ve probably seen us, in our llama shirts and sombreros, llama pints hanging from trees and lots of bags of recycling.

I was going through some personal stuff last year, so my mom told me to get my mind off of things, I should start planning for the weekend. Boy did I.

The weekend start off normal enough, we got ice for the multiple drink coolers, and then this thing appeared from behind a car…

I found that llama mask on Amazon, it’s actually supposed to be a creepy halloween mask, but with the llama theme now permanently extended for this annual weekend, I thought it would be insanely funny. It definitely caught on!

We play a game my mom learned from an English friend called “the pressie game”. Each of us buys 5 presents, all that cost $5 or less. We wrap them and bring them camping. We then pick a time to put all the presents in the middle of the table and play.

The game involves presents and dice, it gets pretty crazy, similar to White Elephant at Christmas Time. Link to game directions is below. As you see, pillows, water guns, flasks, custom artwork, there’s no guessing what the presents will be.

FYI: Gun “shots” full of hard sparkling water…

So, yes, it’s all fun and games, but none of this wouldn’t be possible if Lake Kengosa State Park wasn’t so nice. The sites are pretty private, full of trees and bushes. The bugs aren’t bad, the bathrooms are old, but I have a feeling most state parks will be upgrading all of the bathrooms eventually.

The 3rd Annual MDNBF Camping Weekend is TBA due to COVID. Our site is still booked, and I’m assuring everyone that it will be fine, but there’s still trepidation. Hopefully it happens!

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