Potawatomi State Park

Link to Wisconsin DNR’s Potawatomi State Park Site

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Very Little
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Yes, tons!
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Ok (Verizon)

It’s almost nice being laid off right now, I have more than enough time to prep everything, not to mention all of the projects I’ve come up with. Reupholstering our camper cushions has not been as easy as I thought it would be…

This is our second time to Potawatomi State Park, although we haven’t been here since before we were married. Personally, I like it because it’s in Door County, close to things like Peninsula State Park is, but much quieter, and has way better cell service!

We arrived just before 6 pm and got Brownie set up. I also thought of an INGENIOUS idea. Open the window at the end of our bed so making the bed would be easier. After somehow hurting my left wrist, doing this was a God saver!

The menu for this trip is more robust than our last trip since driving this far from home requires at least a 3 night stay, plus, food for our last trip to Buckhorn State Park was a bit skimpy. Never again will I forget the s’mores ingredients, ever!

I never sleep good the first night I’m anywhere, plus NO MATTER what I do to our mattress, nothing helps make it more comfortable. Anti-fatigue mats underneath, a queen size sleeping bag double layer, a 2” memory foam topper, mattress pad, it’s better but after an hour you still feel like you’re sleeping on a flat board. I CANNOT wait until we have a travel trailer and can upgrade to a nicer mattress. It’s hard to want to kayak, hike or do much else when you’re back and neck are sore just from sleeping.

Day 1 we spent time at the Sturgeon Bay Farmer’s Market. It wasn’t very exciting. There were 7 vendors, which I think was still good considering the COVID craziness. I wanted to also see a glass blowing demonstration at noon at Popelka Glass, but our trip to the farmer’s market lasted all of 10 minutes. So we went for a drive. We tried to check out Whitefish Dunes State Park and Cave Point County Park, but the parking lots were packed and I didn’t really want to be around so many people with COVID cases climbing. There were more than enough people from Illinois, and we don’t need to be around people from any hot zone.

We stopped at two of our favorite places in Door County, Door County Coffee and Door Peninsula Winery. After a wine tasting flight and a delicious latte frappe, we then headed back to the park via Walmart (Kyle forgot his belt).

On our way back we drove around the park, stopped at a few lookouts. This is the eastern terminus of the Ice Age State Trail, and I forgot about the bluffs here. It’s very beautiful. There’s awesome campsites against a rock wall, and they were recently made electric.

We came back, made the nachos, and Kyle fell asleep and I decided to FINALLY start this blog!

Day 2 involved dragging Kyle up to the kayak launch on Lake Michigan just past Cave Point County Park so we could see the caves. I haven’t kayaked since our trip to Pattison State Park in 2014…and although I remember how to kayak, I forgot how much I had kayaking on rivers. I’m also not a small woman, and a bit overweight for our kayaks, we both are, so I had a bit of a panic attack on the water when I 1) thought my phone was hanging in the water and 2) that I was going to tip. It was beautiful though. The rock ledges in the shallow water, the bluffs along Lake Michigan, and the caves were neat, although we didn’t travel into them. If you like kayaking, I do recommend this, although Cave Point Park was a ZOO! There were people everywhere. But the water was pristine. I do have a bit of a love affair with my dear Lake Michigan.

After our kayak trip, although I was terrified for most of the trip, I was proud that I did it. Kyle knew I was a bit shaken and remembered I wanted to go to Door 44 Winery. A few years ago we went to the Wisconsin State Fair with my sisters and we tasted a Parallel 44 Wine that we loved and won the blue ribbon for Best Wisconsin White Wine. Door 44 is a second location and just opened their new building 2 years ago. Tastings weren’t inside due to Coronavirus. But it was a great experience. We brought home 3 bottles of wine and plan on enjoying them during evening fires at home.

After a satisfying day two, another stop at Walmart after running out of paper plates and paper towel, we came back to Foil Pack Spinach Artichoke Dip and some cards. We spoiled our dinner a bit, so I prepped dinner (Foil Pack Sausage, Potatoes and Green Beans) and put it in the cooler so we could just pop it on the grill if it was dark. We basically played cards, listened to music, had a few beers and had a big fire with the rest of the wood we had.

All in all, it was a good trip and I even tried to talk Kyle to staying a bit longer. No chance though. I still like this park, it’s one of many in Door County.


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